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Preaching Classes

Dear friends, we would like to announce a new and exciting opportunity to learn how to preach for our young people. We hope that this opportunity will be enriching and encouraging for all of those who choose to grow closer to God and become more equipped to communicate the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our goal

Everything about Class

How it will Work?

We will have classes every other Saturday in 2-hour blocks. It will give you 4 hours of instruction a month. Our classes will begin at 9:00 am and conclude at 11:00 am. First class will be taught by one teacher and the next class will be taught by a different instructor.
The classes will be grouped in modules and each module will have 8 – 12 classes. After successfully completing each module, a student will receive a certificate of completion.

Who will Teach?

We will have several instructors in our class, who will teach different subjects and will rotate from class to class. All of our instructors are preachers and ministers at Bethany Slavic Baptist Church.
Sergei Skachko, Maxim Ignatiev, Eduard Liftinyuk, Alexander Dorosh, and Vitaliy Bak

How to Get Enrolled?

In order to be enrolled in the preaching class, please fill out the basic registration form.

When do Classes Begin?


We would like to begin on the first Saturday of November

Our Teachers

All of our instructors are preachers and ministers at Bethany Slavic Baptist Church.

Sergei Skachko


Maxim Ignatiev


Vitaliy Bak


Class Schedule

Module 1 - Introduction

(November – December 2021)

1.The Preacher – who is he and what he does? – November 6
2.The Gospel Message – what is it and why do we proclaim it? The Bible – November 6


3.The requirements for the preacher – November 20
4.The story of the Bible – how the Bible came to us – November 20


5.The calling of the preacher – December 4
6.How to study the Bible – December 4


7.The character of the preacher – December 18
8.Tools for exegetical work – books, materials, and other resources – December 18

Module 2 - Intermediate

(January – February 2022)

1.Christian practical life of a preacher or spiritual formation – January 8
2.Basic exegesis of the Bible – January 8


3.How to study the Bible regularly – January 22
4.Bible word study – January 22
5.How to study the context of the passage – February 5
6.Text selection for a sermon – February 5


7.Bible driven worldview – saturation by the Bible – February 19
8.How to find the main point of the passage – February 19

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